Large Space Venti-cooling

Air coolers uniquely designed to provide ambient cooling for open and semi-open spaces.

Industrial Air Coolers

For open and semi-open spaces, industrial air coolers are the only efficient and practical air cooling solution.

Symphony’s range of Large Space Venti-cooling solutions provides you with a unique concept of air cooling + ventilation. They are suitable for large open and semi-open spaces and work on the principle of evaporative air cooling, wherein fresh air is supplied continuously through air ducts.

It is a cost-effective solution that provides sustainable air cooling system for spaces like factories, warehouses, showrooms, workshops, religious places, etc.

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Cooling for industrial and commercial establishment

40+ global brands rely on Symphony LSV to keep their workspaces fresh, cool and productive. For more information on the products and their uses, click here.

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Commercial Air Cooler Venti-Cool 8U

Venti-Cool 8U Industrial Air Cooler

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Venti-Cool 11U Industrial Air Cooler

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Industrial Air Cooler with Ventilation

Venti-Cool 20U Industrial Air Cooler

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Venti Cool 25U Commercial Air Cooler

Venti-Cool 25U- Industrial Air Cooler

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Movicool XXL - Industrial Air Cooler System for Factories, Warehouses, Offices

Movicool XXL Industrial Air Cooler

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Discover how world-leading brands have benefited with Symphony’s Large Space Venti-Cooling Solutions

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Industrial Air Coolers
Large Space Venti-cooling Solution
Symphony Industrial Air Coolers
Large Space Venti-cooling Solution
Industrial Air Coolers
Industrial Air Coolers - Large Space Venti-cooling Solution

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Industrial Air Coolers Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Symphony’s Large Space Venti-Cooling?

A1. The Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling system is a marvel of innovation that combines air-cooling and ventilation in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind. This industrial air cooler is equipped with evaporative cooler ventilation technology that ensures your space remains cool and comfortable at a fraction of the cost of traditional air conditioning methods. The Symphony LSV air cooler is a game-changer, offering unmatched comfort, efficiency, and health benefits that you simply won't find anywhere else.

Q2. What sets the Symphony Large Space Venti-cooling apart from other air coolers?

A2. Symphony LSV cooling system offers high cooling capacity, eco-friendliness, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and remote control operation, making it a unique and desirable cooling solution for large spaces. It ensures a steady stream of fresh air, lowering the risk of airborne infections.

Q3. What are the benefits of using LSV in terms of health and safety?

A3. LSV Evaporative Air Coolers utilize the innovative technique of evaporative cooling to effectively combat the negative impacts of dry weather conditions. These industrial cooling system efficiently circulate and expel stale air from large spaces. These coolers are equipped with specialized evaporative cooling pads that feature built-in filters designed to effectively eliminate the presence of pollen and germs. As a result, they provide a safe and healthy option for individuals who suffer from respiratory issues or allergies.

Q4. Where Symphony Large Space Venti-cooling can be installed?

A4. Symphony Large Space Venti-cooling can be installed in factories, restaurants, industrial units, commercial spaces, schools, colleges, warehouses, showrooms, manufacturing units, hospital cooling etc.

Q5. How can I install an LSV cooling system in my space?

A5. After initiating contact with Symphony to discuss cooling options for your space, a team of LSV cooling experts will conduct a thorough site survey. Through this analysis, they will gain insight into the specific requirements of the owner and recommend an appropriate LSV for optimal air cooling with ventilation. Symphony will then handle the installation and ensure proper functionality of the evaporative cooling systems.

Q6. How Symphony LSV solution is eco-friendly?

A6. The LSV or Large Space Venti-Cooling system is a prominent industrial air cooler that has gained popularity in India and across the world. This cooling system is considered environment friendly since it does not emit CO2, rendering it an eco-friendly choice. Moreover, instead of relying on chemical coolants, it employs water, which provides optimal cooling and is beneficial for one's well-being. This also results in a reduction of the carbon footprint.