Our Innovation

Fostering a culture of air cooling innovation

Innovation is a part of our DNA

Throughout our history of 80+ years, We have been thinking and breathing innovation every day. We believe that innovation must continuously respond to customer challenges. Today, we are designing air coolers to address evolving social trends and critical customer lifestyle realities. We are making air coolers that are more relevant, intuitive, evolved, connected and respectful of the environment.

One of Symphony’s fundamental business strategies is to drive profitable growth through cutting-edge R&D. Our strength of intellectual property (IP) has provided a foundation for many unconventional product ideas to grow into incredible market successes.

Intellectual Properties

258 trademarks

73 registered designs

20 copyrights

31 patents


We research consumer lifestyles to drive smarter innovation. Therefore, some of the industry-leading design and quality innovations are integrated into the range of Symphony air coolers. We were the first in the world to introduce a plastic body air cooler and submersible pump.

We revolutionised the air cooler category by bringing in many innovations such as:

  • The world’s first wall-mounted air cooler
  • iPure technology – multistage air purification system
  • Humidity control
  • Power Saver Technology
  • Magic fill – for automatic water filling
  • Voice assist
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Cool Flow Dispenser – uniform water distribution system

Our specialised expertise in providing sustainable air cooling solutions has helped customers across homes, workplaces, industrial plants & factories across the globe.

Our air coolers have been an inspiration and a symbol of the futuristic and original design. This is why; we are the most recognized air cooler brand in the world.

Quality Commitment

A holistic design approach to quality. Achieving and maintaining world-class quality leadership is a top priority at Symphony. Customers trust Symphony’s air coolers to be of the highest quality and provide everlasting value. This conviction is a result of our uncompromising design focus and precise attention to detail.

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