Tower Fans

Superior bladeless tower fan with powerful air throw.

Tower Fans

Symphony tower fans are tall, sleek, stylish and take up little floor space while efficiently cooling your rooms. It is the best alternative when you need spot cooling in your home.
The lightweight, portable and powerful Symphony tower fans are bladeless which makes them safe for your kids and pets.

It is best suitable for your –

  • Living Room
  • Balcony
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Office
Tower Fans - Bladeless Tower Fan with Powerful Air Throw

Symphony Product Catalogue

Stay Cool and Comfortable with Symphony Tower Fans

Symphony’s Next Gen Tower Fans are sleek & stylish & take up little floor space with powerful air delivery, ensuring air in every corner of your room. The lightweight, portable & porweful Symphony Tower Fans are bladeless which makes them safe for kids & pets. With their advanced features such as remote control, timer, and touchscreen panel, you can easily adjust the fan's settings to match your preferences.

One of the best things about Symphony Tower Fans is that they are highly energy-efficient. These cooling fans generate minimal noise, which makes them well-suited for utilization in bedrooms, living rooms, and even office settings.

Tower Fans Frequently Asked Questions

A1. A Tower Fan is a type of fan that stands upright and is designed to provide cool air in a room. It is called a tower fan because of its tall, narrow design that resembles a tower. This type of cooler fan typically has a vertical column with bladeless technology that generates powerful airflow to distribute air evenly throughout the room.

A2. Symphony Surround tower fans are lightweight, portable, and take up very little floor space. They are also bladeless, making them safe for kids and pets. Additionally, they are stylish and sleek in design, adding to the aesthetics of your room.

A3. Symphony Surround tower fans are unique because of their innovative and modern features. The bladeless technology ensures the safety of kids and pets while producing powerful airflow directed through air outlets. The cooler fan also has a touch screen control panel and a full-function remote, making it easy to operate from a distance. Additionally, the 45° swivel feature allows the fan to cover a wider area and create a surround air effect. The fan also has a dust filter that effectively removes solid particulates like dust and dirt from the air, providing clean air to breathe. Lastly, the fan's low power consumption makes it energy-efficient, saving you money on your electric bill.

A4. The Symphony Personal Cooling Fan with detachable pedestal is a great choice due to its water/ice chamber with refill reminder, multi-level swing feature that spreads cool air around the room, and new generation honeycomb cooling pads with a dust filter that cleanses the air.

A5. No, Symphony Surround tower fans are not noisy. They operate quietly, making them ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Their quiet operation ensures that they do not disrupt your work or sleep.